TV Shows, Females Jump At Comic-Con

July 16, 2012—TV programs -- not theatrical films -- took the spotlight at the Comic-Con enthusiast convention July 12-15.
   “Other than a blow-out panel for the upcoming fifth and final movie in the Twilight series, there didn’t seem to be a single movie event here that made a significant impact with the crowd of approximately 125,000 genre fans,” wrote Ed Martin in Media Post. The annual event in San Diego served up “panels, premieres and other media events devoted to television series, movies, comic books, video games, Internet content and licensed characters of all kinds.”
   A New York Times article said that film outfits were cautious after a 13-minute segment of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey got a yawn last year. The director of the upcoming Warner Bros. release Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) said that Hobbit’s technologically advanced 48 frames per second projection (standard is 24 frames per second) didn’t showcase well at the Comic-Con convention hall. Jackson didn’t return this year and the film is scheduled for Dec. 14 premiere.
   Disney’s Marvel Iron Man 3 did hold a costume party at its booth, but that is a small event compared to the activities of TV programs and channels.
   Variety noted that about 40% of attendees are female, so it’s move-over fanboys! The influx of women aficionados is traced to the Twilight vampire romance movies. Says the Variety article by Marc Graser, “This year’s lineup includes panels for such sudsy TV shows as The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, Supernatural and 666 Park Avenue, while stars from The Hunger Games also will be present. Series like The Walking Dead, Dexter and Doctor Who also are popular with women.”

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