Reviving 'Back To Future' Prod Placements

   Oct. 10, 2015—The Back to the Future film series gets a spate of reminiscences in media including its memorable Pepsi product placement, which slyly promote the three film franchise from 1985-1990. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is releasing a Back to the Future 30th anniversary DVD package on Oct. 20.
  The second installment of the sci-fi comedy has a futuristic Pepsi beverage (called Pepsi Perfect) in the 1989 theatrical and Pepsi Perfect
Pepsi created this futuristic bottle for a Back to the Future movies

bottles are being sold today in stores on a limited basis.
    “In addition to the home entertainment release, the Back to the Future celebration continues in theaters when the films go back to the big screen on October 21, 2015,” says a Universal Home Entertainment PR supporting the DVD re-release.  “Universal Music Enterprises is reissuing an all-new 30th Anniversary picture disc vinyl soundtrack, available October 16th in stores and through all digital partners.”
   The revival is gratifying to product placement expert Brad Brown, who arranged the original Pepsi placements and who is quoted in the book Marketing To Moviegoers.
   “When the 1980s began, Pepsi hadn't yet entered the realm of product integration for movies,” says an Adweek article by Marty
The floating skateboard was a signature futurisitic item

Swant. “Coca-Cola, on the other hand, had been working its way into movies since the 1916 silent film The Mystery of The Leaping Fish. By the ‘80s, Coke had built a full wing of its business around product tie-ins.”
   Tasked by Pepsi to crack the silver screen, Brown began courting Hollywood. Says the Adweek article, “Brown had struck up a friendship with the prop master for Back to the Future, which resulted in the first film including references to Pepsi, such as Marty's conversation with a confused 1950s soda jerker who didn't understand his order of a Pepsi Free (soon to be rebranded Diet Pepsi)… Brown says there have now been more than 500 occasions where Pepsi is scene in a shot for at least an instant (or a ‘blink’).”
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