Marketing Embraces Activations With Real Sensory Experience

   July 26, 2018—Cyberspace conjures up magical worlds online so it’s interesting that in-the-flesh experiences are getting a big buzz at fanboy show Comic-Con. Activations—allowing consumers to experience brands through real-life interaction—are show stoppers, writes Thom Forbes at Media Post.
   A Taco Bell restaurant mockup with neon lighting and a futuristic feel that recreates a scene in 1993 movie Demolition Man was a big hit.
   Other real-life experiences dotted Comic-Con, apparently as the youth culture that lives in the virtual worlds facilitated by their mobile phones crave in-the-flesh experiences once in a while.
   The objective is to get fans to immerse themselves further in familiar brands, after other media like mobile give them short introductions. “Driving the value for film studios and television networks is not just
creating an in-person experience for fans, but also the potential for a viral marketing hit,” wrote Natalie Jarvey of the Hollywood Reporter. Referring to the HBO TV series, she writes that “Westworld, for example, saw more than 14,000 social shares across platforms like Instagram and Twitter and reached upward of 1.9 billion impressions.”
   Jarvey feels Texas festival South By Southwest (SXSW) and Comic-Con have “fueled the rise of activation culture” in marketing.
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