'Emoji' Movie Claims First Cell-phone Trailer

By Robert Marich
   Dec 21, 2016—I’m always on the look-out for movie marketing firsts, and here Sony Pictures claims one.
   Sony Pictures rolled out what it asserts is the “world's first-ever vertical movie trailer designed especially for mobile users” for animated The Emoji Movie. The not-yet-rated Emoji Movie is
The Emoji Movie gets the world's first made-for-mobile phones trailer?

 scheduled for domestic theatrical premiere Aug. 4, 2017, so this is a long-lead marketing tactic.
   A Sony press release promises the trailer opens “the never-before-seen secret world inside your smartphone. For the first 24 hours, the trailer will be optimized for mobile users and best viewed on the phone.”
   There’s also tie-ins with Candy Crush Saga, Dropbox, Instagram, Just Dance®, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube and other online entities.  “The teaser trailer will launch with these partners and others equaling a social footprint of nearly 700 million followers,” says the press release.
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