'Avatar' Ecosystem To Help Drive Sequels

   May 2, 2016—Filmmaker Jim Cameron is laying the groundwork for sequels to 2009 blockbuster Avatar.  New York City-based SapientNitro will create an Avatar “ecosystem” in pre-release marketing to warm up audiences for theatrical sequels distributed by 20th Century Fox.
   “Publicis Groupe agency SapientNitro has entered into a multiyear deal with James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment and 20th
The original Avatar grossed $750 million domestically since 2009 but needs to be re-introduced

Century Fox to bring a digital Avatar experience to life,” says an Adweek story by Katie Richards. “The project will kick off before the second film debuts in 2018 and extend through the release of the next four sequels.”
   A press release quotes Jon Landau, Avatar producer and Chief Operating Officer, Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment, saying the ecosystem will explore “the themes of the Avatar films and connect with the world of Pandora in a deeper, more meaningful and more personalized way.” The platform will incorporate “the franchise’s extensive partner and licensing relationships,” adds the PR from Lightstorm.
  There’s no word on what precisely an “ecosystem” consists of, but expect digital media to explain and provide interaction with Avatar mythology much like Star Trek has with the Klingon language and story lines embracing other worlds. Given the gap between the 2009 original and 2018, the ecosystem will certainly will be tasked to remind existing fans and also attract the uninitiated.
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