Streep Dress Flap At Oscars

By Robert Marich  
   Feb. 26, 2017-Attention shoppers, Catfight in aisle 12!
   Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld sniped at Meryl Streep for backing out of an alleged deal to wear one of his gowns to the Oscars, claiming he learned another designer paid her to strut the red carpet in another outfit. The 20-times Oscar nominated actress Streep huffed it wasn’t true. And later Lagerfeld back off saying it was a misunderstanding.
   The flap demonstrates the high stakes for the Oscars telecast on ABC Television, watched by 35 million people and with TV commercials fetching $3m/per 30-second spot, The audience is heavily weighted to women who closely watch fashion displayed.
   In 2014, big Oscar advertiser Samsung orchestrated a famous cell phone selfie taken during the Academy Awards ceremony. Master of ceremonies Ellen DeGeneres coralled some celebs in the audience in what was orchsestrated to seem spontaneous.
   Inserting recognizable brand-name items is known as product placement. In movies, most of it is done without payment by the product maker, though product or services are provided (such as
Oscars telecast showcases high fashion and other luxury products

airline tickest for showing an airline logo). “Rare instances of cash payment typically involve only thousands or tens of thousands of dollars and mostly from a few competitive product categories, such as beer,” says the third edition of Marketing To Moviegoers. “Product placement executives say fee figures bandied about in public are often exaggerated.” Those pay-me categories are cars, liquors and some categories of electronics products.
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