Facebook Conversations Get Fandango Movie Plugs

By Robert Marich
   Sept 22, 2017-You knew this was going to happen eventually. Facebook is using artificial intelligence to identify conversations about current movies in order to drop in paid commercial messaging via partner Fandango—the movie ticketing service. The messaging will include local playdates and pricing inserted in Facebook Messenger.
   “It’s totally convenient! Or completely creepy,” muses “The feature, which privacy-squeamish users can

easily opt out of in Messenger’s settings–is similar to other commerce-by-chatbot innovations like StubHub’s integrations with Skype and Facebook Messenger and Spotify’s efforts to bring listeners to concerts.
   “Fandango, which has 2.1 million “likes” on its Facebook Page, first launched a Messenger bot a year and a half ago,” writes Variety’s Todd Spangler. "The NBCUniversal-owned movie-ticketing and media company then began selling tickets on the social network in September 2016.” Applications (apps) creep more and more into movie marketing.
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