What Experts Say

I am using Marketing To Moviegoers in a graduate Producers Program class that I teach at UCLA. The graduate students use it to design marketing positioning statements for their required thesis project reports. Marketing to Moviegoers provides a cogent and extremely pragmatic discussion of studio marketing practices.

Denise Mann, Associate Professor and Head, UCLA Producers Program

Marketing to Moviegoers provides practical information across a range of functions including the process of audience testing of marketing materials; details about advertising campaigns; and metrics of theatrical distribution.

Al Lieberman, Professor of Marketing, Executive Director, Entertainment, Media & technology program, Stern School of Business, NYU

Marketing to Moviegoers pulls together the various facets of movie marketing campaigns in a systematic manner. It lays out the structure and order, while providing useful data and historical context.

Jack Valenti, former MPAA chairman Motion Picture Assn. of America (MPAA)

Marketing to Moviegers is a distillation of wide-ranging knowledge that touches all the key issues in a breezy, quick-reading style.

Ira Mayer, Publisher, “Entertainment Marketing Letter” & “The Licensing Letter”

This is an excellently-written, deeply research manual which every producer should read. It takes the reader though every facet of the marketing campaign from research to product placement to how much money the studio pockets when its film is playing in your local multiplex.

Screen Finance, London-based fortnightly newsletter