Worries about Second-weekend Fadeout

   Sept. 3, 2016—Glossy big-budget movies fade amazingly fast at the box office, notes a New York Post article. Two decades ago, a decline of 40% in box office revenue for the second was considered
Warcraft experienced a severe 70% decline in boxoffice its second weekend in June

severe. Now 60% occurs frequently, though that’s somewhat explainable by bigger opening weekends (which skew the comparisons). That's for so-called "tentpole" films that are big-budget, broad-appeal movies.
   Still, the sharp declines in second-weekend box office call into question about audience attachment to films that would influence their values in movie sales to downstream video and TV.
   “No doubt Hollywood’s reliance on sequels, prequels and spinoffs is leading to some burnout,” notes the New York Post article by Claire Atkinson. “Moviegoers may be faced with too many options.”
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