Website Launches TV Series Critiquing Movies

By Robert Marich
  Oct 28, 2017-Film website Rotten Tomatoes is launching a weekly video streaming TV show on Facebook, and I expect more text-and-still-photo-websites to diversify into TV content.
   Advertisers demand online video, so the text-driven movie evaluator Rotten Tomatoes creates desirable TV advertising inventory. Facebook wants the same desirable TV advertising and builds out new
goodies from its core social media. Look for more video bubbling up online.
   The TV series is Rotten Tomatoes See It/Skip It, its frequency is once-a-week and the premiere is Nov. 1.
   Says a press release, “Each week hosts Jacqueline Coley (Tomatometer-approved film critic for the popular site Black Girl Nerds) and Segun Oduolowu (pop culture commentator and enthusiast) will get the conversation going by sharing their honest and ardent opinions on some of the hottest and most talked about films and TV shows, from both a critic and fan point of view.”
  So it’s talking heads from a single setting…cheap programming. The trailer (link below) highlights raunchy exchange. I’ve seen cable sports channels going the same way with talking heads expressing strong opinions as the centerpiece. It strikes me this will wear thin, especially since onliners are stampeding into cheap talk .
   Rotten Tomatoes is an aggregator sorting and presenting opinions of professional critics and also ordinary consumers. The website is owned by movie ticketer Fandango, which is owned by cable TV giant Comcast that also has Universal Pictures.
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