Warners' 'Storks' Sets Promo Partners

   Sept. 10, 2016—Warner Bros. Pictures says that, Cinnabon pastries and Red Robins restaurants are among tie-in promotion partners for animated family film Storks, which premieres Sept. 23 in North America.
   Other promo partners for the PG-rated movie are Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, luncheon meats Land O’Frost, the Ad Council (for public service
Storks faces a PG-13-rated live-action Beauty and the Beast, and a The Magnificent Seven remake  on Sept 23

campaign “Find the right seat for your flock”), online retailer Zulily, Hispanic soft drink marketer Jarritos, paint-yourself franchise Color Me Mine and content hub Sony Xperia.
   A Warners press release says “attention-capturing in-store displays and product co-branding, cool digital content, and themed sweepstakes and giveaways… Warner Bros. Pictures has also secured a number of internationally based promotional partnership opportunities for Storks in major markets, including, to date: Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Russia.”
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