'Virtual Flash Mob' Online Film Promo

   July 9, 2012-Indie distributor Summit Entertainment is tapping social media for an online contest connected to Step Up Revolution. The PG-13-rated dance music drama will be released theatrically July 27.
   The contest, which is called “Tweet Their Moves & Be In A Music Video,” directs moviegoers to join “the first-ever virtual flash mob” for the movie. Claiming to be a ground-breaker in online is a subtle come-on.
   “Open to anyone, regardless of skill, participants who join in the virtual flash mob will have the chance to be featured in an all-new music video set to Timbaland's "Hands in the Air," from the upcoming Step Up Revolution soundtrack,” says a press release.
   There’s a 7:40 demonstration video online (see link below) outlining what content applicants need to do in terms of video recording themselves dancing. No third party promotion partners are immediately visible, and third party oomph is useful in contests gaining wider circulation.
  The press release continues: “After selecting one of the four dances, fans will need to record themselves performing the dance, upload their video to an online video platform (e.g., YouTube), and tweet the video link with the hashtag #StepUpMob.  Each video submitted with that specific hashtag will be collected for the opportunity to be featured in the final music video.
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