UK Theatrical Output Soars

By Robert Marich
   March 14, 2013—The United Kingdom theatrical market is “increasingly cluttered and expensive in which to release films,” according to trade publication Screen International that analyzed trade group data.
   SI reports that the UK’s Film Distributors Association says there were 646 theatrical releases in the UK in 2012, which is a high water mark that works out to an average of 12 new theatrical titles a week. In 2002, there were only 394 theatrical releases.
   In 2012, UK box office amounted to £1.172 million, or about $1.74 billion (versus $10.8 billion for the U.S. and Canada, which is a single market for theatrical releases).
   The article by Andreas Wiseman says that the UK accounts for 7% of global box office and 20% of European box office.
   “The £184.7 million ($277 million) media spend figure (for advertising support in 2012) still represents the second highest on record, with TV and Outdoor spend at their second-highest in the same period,” says the SI article. “As online campaigns become streamlined, more targeted, and increasingly based around social networks, internet spending was at its lowest in five years at only £4m, half of its 2011 level.”
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