UK Magazine Embeds Thin Vid Player for 'Beasts'

   Oct. 31, 2016-British movie fan magazine Empire has a cardboard-thin video player embedded in its print magazine showing a video for Fantastic Beasts, the Warner Bros. movie based on the work of Harry Potter author J.K. Rawlings.
   “The interactive cover, which the magazine describes as ‘possibly a world first,’ features a tiny video screen hidden between a
Fantastic Beasts also gets a lift from Twitter

double layer of (card)board that plays the film's trailer and an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette whenever readers hold it up to the heavens and chant ‘alohomora!’ – or, you know, hold down the play button for two seconds,” says Australian newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald.
   Says online marketing news website Media Post: “Readers can turn the video on and off with buttons on the cover. A USB port allows them to recharge the video players when their batteries run low.”
   The vid-player placement stunt makes print in the United Kingdom, which is more vibrant than in the United States, relevant to movie advertisers. As the third edition of book Marketing To Moviegoers notes about the U.S. media landscape, “Magazines don’t get heavy movie-ad support, but editors find celebrities, movies, and entertainment of keen interest to their readers, so editors attend pre-release press screenings.”
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