Two Ultra-Violent Films Angle for Oscars

Dec. 22--Adds link for WABC-TV interview where DiCaprio hypes the violent bear scene...
   Dec. 1, 2015-Two films in the Oscar hunt are ultra-violent dramas—celebrated filmmaker Quentin Tarantino’s old west The Hateful Eight and outdoor thriller The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
   “These two major movies will attempt to out-do each other in the brutality stakes this awards season — and just how willing Oscar
The Hateful Eight is a bloody feast; such Tarantino movies having arty appeal

voters are to tolerate their extremes may go a long way toward determining whether they emerge as frontrunners in this year's extraordinarily heated competition,” writes Stephen Galloway in the Hollywood Reporter.
   Indeed, Revenant triggered an online sensation when The Drudge Report posted a story that DiCaprio is twice raped by a bear, it was learned in a press screening. However, distributor 20th Century Fox tapped that down, saying his character is simply mauled by a bear. The R-rated Revenant opens Christmas Day.
   “So far, Revenant is drawing more chatter,” says the Hollywood Reporter. “A pre-Thanksgiving Academy screening led to a few walkouts and a number of moans and groans, even as many audience members were awed by the film’s scope and ambition.”
   Meanwhile, Hateful Eight, which also opens Christmas Day with The Weinstein Co. distributing, is lining up some cinema runs on 70mm film projectors, which are obsolete in this era of digital projection feeding from computer-like hard-drives. The idea is to appeal to cinema purists who consider celluloid film a superior medium. Distributor  “Harvey Weinstein is hoping a little old-fashioned film magic (will) attract some Oscar buzz” with the 70mm runs, writes Claire Atkinson in the New York Post.
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