Travolta Film Eludes Whiff of Scandal

   June 15, 2012-John Travolta is dogged by scandalous claims from masseurs of improper advances, but an article by the Associated Press figures the controversy won’t hurt box office for his new film Savages.  Universal Pictures is scheduled to premiere the R-rated Savages, which is an Oliver Stone drama about the Mexican drug wars, on July 6.
  The AP story by Anthony McCartney suggests the controversy is muted, and unlikely to hurt either Savages or Travolta’s career. “The Travolta-Savages situation is not unique in Hollywood,” says the article. “Mel Gibson's last film, The Beaver, was released while he was battling domestic violence allegations and embroiled in a bitter custody battle. In 2010, Lindsay Lohan missed the publicity period—and red carpet—for her supporting role in the film Machete due to problems with her probation.”
   Fans love their Hollywood stars and don’t expect them to be saints. Only scandals that puncture good guy images are lasting and in some cases notoriety can actually fire interest to see films because 'bad boys' are interesting.
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