Trailer Premieres As Web Events

    Aug. 2, 2008 -- A BBC News story jokes that film talent doesn’t have to go to the Comic Con convention to see how marketing materials for their films are received by fans. Film trailers are all over the Internet—and releasing them is an event itself.
    “On Wednesday, a minute-and-a-half of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was released online, two days before being shown in cinemas,” notes the BBC article. “Obviously, the studios aren’t missing this trick.”
    “As soon as it does go up, the fans go nuts for it and they tear apart every little part of it. It’s become a huge phenomenon immediately looking at trailers online,” the article quotes Olly Richards, a journalist with UK magazine Empire.
    A few years ago, the best exposure was arranging a partnership with a broadcaster for a trailer premiere. Now, it’s a web promotion. But film executives note the distributors then lose control of the trailer as unaffiliated parties link to them, and web user copy and reuse all or part.

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