Theater Ropes Off Screen for Kids-Family only

   June 15, 2017-Canadian theater giant Cineplex unveils an auditorium just for kids and family, as exhibition continues to incorporate new concepts and general recreation elements in cinema. The kids-screen will be one in the seven-screen East Hills Shopping Centre in Calgary, Canada, which is scheduled to open in early 2018.
   “We’re particularly excited to test and learn from our first auditorium designed specifically for children, which will feature
a colourful interior, playful seating and a curated line-up of films perfect for young movie-lovers,” Ellis Jacob, Cineplex President and CEO said in a statment. East Hills will also have four VIP screens with amenities for adults.
   As for the trend, dining-in-theater is growing with chains like Alamo-Drafthouse and iPic Theatres. Exhibition also tries innovation to re-invent cinema-going. In April, Cineplex acquired coin-operated game outfit Dandy Amusement International and in March Cinepolis USA unveiled movie theater spaces for children, Cinepolis Junior. Virtual reality outfits also are introducing equipment for theaters.
   For those with a longer view of exhibition, which is the movie theater business, putting recreation centers with coin-operated amusements has been tried in waves in the past with little success. However, the current wave shouldn’t be judged by past experience.

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