Test Screening Looms For Next 'Potter'

By Robert Marich
    July 30, 2008 – The next Harry Potter film trades information about behind-the-scenes movie industry marketing for a publicity blast in the consumer press. National newspaper USA Today gives visibility for the first trailer of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in exchange for discussing test screenings.
    The film’s director David Yates is quoted as saying that getting reactions from a recruited audience viewing an early version of the movie is “an incredibly useful process.” The Warner Bros. film is scheduled for U.S. premiere Nov 21.
    Not mentioned is that the director and film executives will shift through audience response with an eye to making changes – such as shortening or eliminating scenes, adding footage of a surprisingly popular character, adding narration to clarify confusing parts and other changes. 
    The USA Today article written by Claudia Puig and published yesterday notes that the movie itself isn’t finished, though a trailer is already going to market.
    For the article’s readers, there’s a snippet of previously-unknown information to whet appetites: “The big reveal in the trailer (and in this exclusive photo from it): a glimpse of the young Tom Riddle, who grows up to become the wizarding world's most malevolent force, Lord Voldemort.”

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