Target Snares 'Spider-Man' Merchandise

   June 25, 2021-Movie merchandise boutiques, which are themed sections in big stores, are increasingly popular, with Target snagging boutique rights for The Amazing Spider-Man from Marvel Entertainment. Target, which has 1,763 U.S. stores, also had a similar merchandise deal with for The Avengers, which was another tie-up with Marvel. Marvel is owned by Walt Disney Co.
   Such movie merchandise boutiques typically are exclusive to one retailer and often have some items that are exclusive to that retailer—such as small and low priced items. Wal-Mart is not left out because earlier it lined up in-store event promotions for The Amazing Spider-Man (see link below).
   Says a press release on the Spider-Man/Target tie-up, “Target guests will find a variety of The Amazing Spider-Man-themed toys, clothing, bedding and movies in stores and online through a special web boutique at From décor and DVDs to comic books and toys, Target has everything for the Spider-Man super fan. Product offerings range from $3.99 to $59.99, including party decorations like the Spider-Man inflatable chair, Spider-Man piñata, Plastic Spider-Man cups and paper plates."
   Sony Pictures is scheduled to premiere the PG-13-rated premiere The Amazing Spider-Man on July 3 domestically. The Avengers is now the third-highest grossing film of all time.

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