'Super 8' Trailer Rides Twitter

  March 14, 2011-Paramount Pictures made its first partnership to distribute a movie trailer on social communications platform Twitter for sci-fi actioner Super 8.
   “The deal creates a new quicker, and easier, way for movie fans to access and share movie trailers,” writes Wayne Friedman of marketing website Media Post. “Movie studios typically release trailers on specific entertainment sites, and fans are encouraged to act like marketing ambassadors.”
   Super 8 is scheduled to premiere June 10 and does not yet have an audience classification. It is from supernatural thriller maestro J.J. Abrams (TV’s Lost and theatrical Cloverfield), and the producer is Steven Spielberg.
   Says a press release: “With Twitter, fans are able to foster a real time conversation in a communal viewing environment and we wanted people everywhere to have the chance to discover the SUPER 8 trailer here first,” said Amy Powell, Paramount’s Executive Vice President, Interactive Marketing Strategies & Film Production.
   This first trailer is a “teaser” designed to create awareness and it conveys more plot than the typical teaser trailer—military descends on a train wreck that has residents of a small town questioning the train’s mysterious cargo. There’s a glimpse of what seems to be a monster, though it’s hard to tell (could be a disfigure human). Sell the sizzle and not the steak at this point.
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