Sign of Times: Social Media Heft Drives Hiring

   May 27, 2018—A New York Post article fleshes out what just a few years ago would have been a you-won't-beleive-this ripple effect from the social digital media revolution. Hollywood casts talent increasingly based on their online following, figuring social media prominence is a barometer of popularity and can be leveraged by the employer to promote the talent’s movie or TV program.
   “Sometimes, that can mean a less experienced — or even less talented — actor lands a gig over a seasoned professional,” says the article by Alissa Schulman.
   The article continues: “According to recent reports, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson — who has 106 million Instagram followers, putting

37. Kevin Hart - 35,245,404 followers

54. Emma Watson - 29,133,227 followers

99. Leonardo DiCaprio - 19,327,372 followers

Hollywood stars on Twitter's top 100-not dominant but useful to movie marketers

him in the app’s Top 10 most-followed accounts — is earning $1 million to promote his 2020 movie Red Notice on his social-media accounts. That’s on top of the $20 million Universal Pictures is paying him to star in the movie.”
   Twenty years ago, I don't anybody would have seen this ripple effect. That digital media would take such an important role in assembling creative elements for movies.
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