Shoe-string Film Marketing Anecdotes

By Robert Marich
    Aug. 29, 2008 – Business Week profiles a small Miami-based maker of low budget films that covers its efforts to market its titles to video and theatrical.
    The article says the modus operandi of Rakontur Films is to “keep hustling, be lean and opportunistic, be constantly interactive and digital, be random, provoke, and offend. All along, make sure your audience feels personally invested in your brand. Writ large, this strategy evinces the new marketing order.” (The author cautions readers about the embracing the “offend” advice, which is easy to do and certainly generates a response. But projecting a negative aura often is counterproductive by turning off an audience in the process of introducing your film).
    The article is interesting to read and presents the obvious basics of shoe-string marketing, which comes to life with some real life anecdotes. At the same time, one wonders why a national publication devoted space to such a small enterprise.
    Rankontur’s credits include frat house sex scandal Raw Deal: A Question of Consent and Cocaine Cowboys. The latter documentary grossed $150,056 in a small 2006 theatrical release via Magnolia Pictures.
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