'Sex and City' As Cultural Phenomenon

    May 29, 2008 – Sex and the City gets a serious examination as a cultural phenomenon by Wall Street Journal columnist Christina Binkley, in connection with premiere of the movie based on the HBO series.
    “Patricia Field, the show's costume designer, is selling the movie's fashions -- such as a $3,000 Swarovski crystal-encrusted handbag shaped like the Eiffel Tower, which her Web site proclaims is this year's ‘It bag,’” notes the column. The property "not only introduced a generation of women to high-fashion brands like Blumarine and Chloé and pushed the concept of mixing pricey brands with flea-market finds; it also fostered pride in feminine friendships and pursuits. The show promoted the idea that successful women could take a liberated attitude toward fashion; they could dress like women at work and not look like they were copying men.”
    But is there a dark side? “Women now feel empowered to be girlie, flash cleavage or have a rollicking good time,” writes Binkley. “But how liberating is that if these freedoms fail to advance women's push for better jobs and salaries?” Don’t laugh. Movie pop culture is an important force in society.

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