Seven Major Promo Partners For 'Sar Wars: Awakens'

   Aug. 13, 2015—Seven major consumer goods companies are tie-in promotion partners for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which Walt Disney Studios will premiere domestically Dec. 18.
   They are cosmetics Covergirl & Max Factor, battery maker Duracell, automaker Fiat Chrysler US, food maker General Mills (Cheerios and
Betty Crocker brands), computer outfit Hewlett Packard, restaurant chain Subway® and telecommunications Verizon.
   "Our partners have all delivered original, stand-out campaigns that capture the familiar fun and excitement of our galaxy far, far away that we hope will delight fans as they get ready to experience Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Lynwen Brennan, General Manager of Lucasfilm, said in a press release. Lucasfilm is owned by Disney and home of the Star Wars franchise.
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