Sale of Honest Trailers highlights struggle in digital second-tier

   July 5, 2018-One of the more interesting movie digital services—Screen Junkies and its Honest Trailers series—was sold by its owner Defy Media, whose best-known remaining brands are Smosh and Clevver. The buyer is Fandom, which claims 200 million monthly unique visitors online and is owned by
  No price tag is disclosed, so I’m guessing it's minimal. Screen Junkies—which is best known for its Honest Trailers that spoof
real movies—has sizeable following but is not big. Screen Junkies has 6.5 million followers (a press release claims 10 million?) on its YouTube niche, and claims 2 billion lifetime views.
   The transaction calls to mind that interesting movie-related content dots cyberspace, but struggles in the shadow of Google/Alphabet’s YouTube, Facebook, Google itself and Netflix—which are the behemoths (one could maybe add Fandango that is owned by Comcast/Universal Pictures). The seller Defy Media has raised tens of millions of dollars in venture capital startup funding.
   A Variety article by Todd Spangler cites seller Defy Media saying Screen Junkies needs more investment and Fandom is a better suited. The same article cites Fandom saying Screen Junkie/Honest Trailers’ presence in video will bolster its video efforts.
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