'Rogue One' Poised for $100-140m Dec Premiere

 Nov 23, 2016—Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will roll up a sizeable $100-140 million domestically its opening weekend Dec. 16-18, indicates movie research that tracks audiences. Walt Disney Studios distributes to big-budget sci-fi yarn.
   Writes Pamela McClintock at the Hollywood Reporter, “The pre-Christmas corridor isn't known for huge openings, since consumers are distracted by holiday preparations. Prior

Rogue One anticipates huge boxoffice three weeks from hitting screens in U.S./Canada

to [last year’s Star Wars] Force Awakens, no December film had ever launched north of $85 million, and that includes Avatar."
   The $100-140 million seems huge but the record is $248 million domestically for just one weekend in December a year ago for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was the start toward a hefty $937 million domestic theatrical run.
   Says the third edition of book Marketing To Moviegoers: “A given film appears in tracking surveys about six weeks before theatrical release when the movie’s trailers enter theaters, and its commercials appear on television. At this point, the film is locked into a premiere date that can’t be changed.” It’s just over three weeks before the Dec. 16 premiere for  Rogue One.
   “Tracking suggests that Rogue One isn’t as broad as Force Awakens, but that stands to reason because it’s a spinoff,” says Anthony D’Alessandro of
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