'Rock of Ages' soars online, stumbles at BO

By Robert Marich
   June 19, 2012—Some movie marketing pros think that I’ve gone daft when I suggest that a movie being a hit in social media doesn't necessarily translate into to being a hit in cinema release. Now a research firm serves up an example.
   Social media research firm Attensity notes that the movie Rock of Ages was embraced by consumers in social media prior to its theatrical release, which turned out to be a disappointment. The Warner Bros./New Line release posted just $14.4 million in opening weekend box office June 15-17 to rank third for the weekend, behind two holdover films.
   “Attensity identified and analyzed social media conversations about Rock of Ages posted on Twitter, Facebook, news sites, forums, videos and other social sources before and after the movie's nationwide June 15 release,” says an Attensity PR. “The results from the entire data set from June 10-17 show that moviegoers expressed an overwhelming 96.8 percent positive sentiment toward the movie.
   “Based on our analysis of thousands of social media conversations, we were surprised by how positive the overall sentiment was toward both the star and the movie," said Rebecca MacDonald, vice president of marketing at Attensity said in the PR. Attensity's data reveals that the already positive sentiment toward Rock of Ages, in fact, grew over 10 percent after the film's premiere. Positive sentiment for Tom Cruise in the movie also increased, moving from 47.87 percent to 52 percent.
   The press release offers a 17 page report (called a “Social Media Audit”) as a free download that provides details, such as 96% of conversations monitored were in Twitter, which molded the results. The report also analyzes fan reaction to Tom Cruise that is mostly upbeat.
   Attensity is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and has three offices in the United States.
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