Rentrak: Super Heros Drive Boffo Boxoffice

   May 3, 2012-Box office data tracker Rentrak rolls out some interesting cinema and home video figures on glossy superhero films, just as Disney’s The Avengers is poised for a blockbuster opening.
  The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 3 topped the category in terms of opening weekend, according to an informative chart plotting premiere box office and theater locations. In another chart, the same two films post the highest box office per location (meaning theaters and not screens; a multiplex can play the same movie on two or more of its screens so the screen count is always higher).
   “Rentrak shows that movie distributors have a sophisticated understanding of how to optimize the value of their inventory,” says a press release. “Not only do movies that open in more locations gross higher dollars, those movies also earn higher per theater dollars.”
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