Product-Placement Guru Recounts Evolution

   Dec. 3, 2016—Product placement veteran Brad Brown recalls the obstacles and patchy nature of product placements in movies and TV shows from past decades in a profile. Brown, who is quoted in all three Marketing to Moviegoer books, placed Pepsi soda in movies ranging from early Tom Hanks hit Big to Flashdance to Black to the Future.
   He personally courted prop masters—who were influential in deciding what items get used-- says the profile by Abe Sauer. He also 
Pepsi commemorated its Back to the Future produce placement

concluded formal arrangements with movie companies and in some cases offered foreign currencies frozen in overseas as inducements.
  He recalled meeting the new Pepsi chief marketing officer years ago and they decided to see a movie. One of Brown’s contacts placed Pepsi in the film, which impressed the Pepsi exec and Brown didn’t even know of the placement in advance. “I couldn’t have planned it any better,” Brown joked.
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