PR-Trailers & TV Ad Combo Boost '300'

Note from author Robert Marich. Research by Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI) indicates that consumers exposed to both TV commercials and trailers for Warner Bros. epic '300' accounted for nearly 82% of the film's audience.

PRESS RELEASE March 19, 2007 -- Look at recent research panel data for the surprise hit:  "300" Warner Brothers ran a big TV campaign ahead of opening weekend. Any IMMI panel member who saw ads for “300” saw the ads an average of seven times, achieving a conversion of almost 8%. Trailers for the movie (seen in theaters) were seen an average of 1.31 times... but conversion for trailers for that first weekend was 22.5%.  That means more than a fifth of the people who saw the trailer also saw the movie.  This is a high conversion rate,  and it indicates that for "300",  a big audience for the trailers turned into a big audience for the movie.


300 Promotion for opening weekend March 9-11, 2007

Medium         Net Impressions   Frequency   Conversion (%)

TV                             1,456                7.35                 7.82

Trailers                        293                1.31                22.5

Source: IMMI

Even though the trailer audience is a bulls eye for movie promotion, by itself it’s effect is not big enough for a turnout like the audience for "300".  Conversion is much higher for trailers,  but the total audience is much bigger for television,  and even with lower conversion numbers television reached twice the audience that got in line for opening weekend.

When we breakdown the opening weekend panelist numbers and compute the actual percentage of the panelist audience delivered by each type of promo and a combination, we see that “lines beget lines”  but TV certainly adds to the phenomenon.

Impression Type   Conversion (%)   Size of Audience (%)*

TV only                         4.5                        16

Theater only                35.7                      2.1

TV & theater                23.7                      81.8

* as % of total audience; "Theater" means exposure to in-theater trailer

Trailers are more efficient at targeting the audience, but trailers and TV combined appeared to deliver the big numbers for "300". # # #