PR- Simpsons + Burger King=Synergy

Note from author Robert Marich. Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI) conducts custom research polling consumers to evaluate effectiveness of advertising and other marketing efforts.

Ad Synergy: The Simpsons Movie and Burger King

Simpsons + Burger King = 40% More Moviegoers

PRESS RELEASE Aug 23, 2007 -- Advertising helped make The Simpsons Movie one of the biggest openings of the Summer.   In-theater trailers, television,  and radio all promoted the film with several different approaches.   Using a nationwide panel IMMI is able to determine how many people who saw the ads also saw the movie.   Here are the results for panelists who saw ads for the movie featuring only the movie:

All Simpsons Movie Ads (radio, tv, trailer)

Avg Times Panelist Experienced an ad for the Simpson’s Movie


Pct of Panelists Exposed to Ad Who Then Saw the Movie (Conversion)


Compare these results with the data from panelists who saw the Burger King ad with The Simpsons Movie tie-in along with ads for the movie itself:

Burger King-Simpsons Movie Ad

Avg Times Panelist Experienced the BK Ad


Avg Times Panelist Experienced any ad in campaign (BK tie-in or Simpson’s Movie ad)


Pct of Panelists Exposed to Ad Who Then Saw the Movie (Conversion)


The dramatic increase in ad effectiveness could be due to the higher number of times panelists seeing Burger King ads saw ANY ad for the movie.  Or could it?

By looking only at panelists who saw 4-8 ads for the movie, we still see improved performance with the burger in the mix:

Saw 4-8 ads

Pct of Panelists Exposed to Simpsons Movie Ad ONLY Who Then Saw the Movie (Conversion)


Pct of Panelists Exposed to BK AND Simpsons Movie Ad Who Then Saw the Movie (Conversion)


With similar exposure levels to ads in similar places, 40 percent more of the panelists who saw the Burger King ad went to the The Simpsons Movie. Clearly this is a tie-in that worked!

What is it about burgers that got the attention of moviegoers?  As Simpsons alien Kang would put it “What does pyrotechnically prepared beef have to do with yellow two dimensional animated figures?”  The ad makes a very creative case for tying the two together.  See ad

It’s also possible the tie-in helps lift the commercial above the clutter,  getting the attention of a part of the audience that didn’t pay any special attention to the other movie ads. 

This theory is supported by the performance of another smaller co-promotion, this one a radio ad for 7-Eleven with a Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart angle.

7-Eleven - Simpsons Ad

Avg Times Panelist Experienced the 7-Eleven Ad


Pct of Panelists Exposed to Ad Who Then Saw the Movie (Conversion)


D’oh!  Creative use of tie-ins across media delivered a Simpsons Movie audience as big as Homer’s appetite.