PR from 2003- Fox Signs For Tivo Ads

Note from author Robert Marich in 2007. Movie distributors buy ads placed with video recorder outfit Tivo, which pitches its Tivo ads as being able to reach consumers who skip through regular commercials. Movie advertisers include Fox (below) and Warner Bros, though Tivo declines to elaborate.

TiVo, 20th Century FOX Sign Pact for Promoting Top Films On TiVo Service in 2003

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 30 2003 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO - News) and 20th Century FOX announced an agreement today that will allow the entertainment company to send exclusive content promoting top theatrical releases to TiVo viewers in the coming year.

"TiVo gives us a new platform for developing exclusive and entertaining content that promotes the best entertainment we have to offer," said Tony Sella, Co-President of Marketing for 20th Century FOX. "TiVo also provides a valuable and much sought after audience of entertainment enthusiasts who will enjoy our products and help spread the word about the must see films 20th Century Fox offers."

The companies will kick-off the relationship with a Showcase on February 3, 2003 promoting "Daredevil," starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, which will be in theatres everywhere February 14, 2003. Fox Studios will provide the content for five films over the course of 2003. Fox Studios campaigns could include video elements from the films, including the full-length theatrical trailers, exclusive interviews or behind the scenes footage. Other video elements could also include music video performances associated with the film or film soundtrack.

Leading music, movie and television production companies have been promoting their entertainment products on the TiVo service over the last year. Some of the most successful films of the year from the leading entertainment studios have been promoted on TiVo since the company launched its Advertainment business last year.

"Companies that know entertainment understand that TiVo Showcases offer a rich, creative promotional opportunity that does more than advertise. The unique capabilities of the TiVo Showcase let marketers build deeper relationships with viewers," said Brodie Keast, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the TiVo Service.

Films promoted last year on the TiVo service include "8 Mile" with Eminem; "Red Dragon" starring Edward Norton and Anthony Hopkins; and Adam Sandler's "Mr. Deeds." This holiday season, TiVo offered its viewers exclusive promotional content on the eagerly awaited "Lord of the Rings Two Towers," the second film of the trilogy and "About Schmidt," starring Jack Nicholson. In addition to films, new music from U2, No Doubt, Vanessa Carlton, Counting Crows and Sheryl Crow have also been promoted on the TiVo service.

The breakthroughs in TiVo Showcases offer capabilities that advertisers, studios and networks have never had access to before, including:

    -- Branded Video Showcase
       This branded advertainment content is stored on the TiVo DVR hard
       drive, allowing consumers the freedom to access the entertainment
       whenever they want and return again and again.  Content is recorded on
       reserved hard drive space and never infringes on consumers' allotted
       recording hours.
    -- Telescoping 30-second commercials
       Viewers can "opt-in" to be transported from 30-second spots running on
       traditional TV to fun, interesting branded entertainment that offers a
       deeper communication with consumers.  After viewing this branded
       advertainment, viewers return exactly where they left their favorite
       programs.  The ability to pause live television enables TiVo to
       automatically activate this feature when viewers choose to watch the
       video content on the hard drive.
    -- Lead Generation and RFI Capabilities
       For the first time ever, lead generation and request for information
       capabilities are enabled in TV advertising through TiVo advertainment.
       With the click of the remote, viewers can enter sweepstakes or request
       further information be provided to them.
    -- TiVo's Reporting provides TV's first Return on Advertising (ROA)
       In addition to lead generation data, TiVo offers brand marketers near
       real-time data on their campaigns.  TiVo can provide accurate
       information on how anonymous viewers interacted with the entertainment
       including when it was viewed and how often.  These metrics will give
       brand marketers new tools for maximizing the effectiveness of their
       marketing campaigns.

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