'Potter' Fans Rip Warner Delay

Sept. 8, 2008 -- Harry Potter fans went berserk after Warner Bros. announcement last month it delaying release of the next youth fantasy epic eight months, according to an amusing Wall Street Journal article. They studio pushed back theatrical release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince from November 2007 to July 2008.

“I hope you choke on your own saliva,” snarled one fan in an email. The WSJ article says the Hollywood studio received 45,000 hostile emails.

Notes the article by Lauren A.E. Schuker, “The withering attacks over a family-friendly franchise like Potter show how the nature of fan uprisings has grown increasingly hostile. Thanks to the Web, angry fans can arm themselves with the latest information and speedily deliver profane brain dumps straight into executive email boxes.”

The studio apologized for any inconvenience. The fan anger, while on the face worrisome, indicates the franchise has a dedicated following, which is good news. If the article is representative of fans, they mostly are college studios and administrative assistants.

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