Oscar Campaigns: Bring Lotsa $$$

   Oct. 27, 2008 -- Although discouraged by Oscar organization, campaigning for Academy Awards nomination is an art requiring financial heft -- $50,000 month retainers and staffs up to 16 publicists, according to the UK newspaper The Guardian.
   “It’s a little bit like politics,” the Guardian article quotes actor Joaquin Phoenix, who was nominated for an Oscar and winner of a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Johnny Cash in 2005’s Walk the Line. “It’s the money behind you, the machine behind you, that's really effective. There are a lot of brilliant performances that don't register on their [Academy members'] radar.”
   The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences enforces rules to curb campaigning, notes the article by Ravi Somaiya. Marketing to Moviegoers: Second Edition details how Oscar marketers stretch to the limit in a quest for nominations and wins. Some 70 films are in the running for Oscar nominations and handlers want to create a bandwagon effect.
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