Organized Effort Detected To Punish ‘Promise” In Online Ratings

   April 19, 2017-Organized “downvoting” by online consumers seems to have afflicted Armenian genocide movie The Promise, says the Hollywood Reporter. The historical drama is piled up lots of low user ratings on movie sites—apparently, many originating from Turkey, where the genocide occurred.
   “The online campaign against The Promise appears to have originated on sites like Incisozluk, a Turkish version of 4chan, where there were calls for users to "downvote" the film's ratings on IMDb
Was The Promise sabatoged in user ratings by Aremenian genocide deniers?

and YouTube,” writes THR’s Mia Galuppo and Natalie Jarvey. “Online ‘trolls’ now are a movie marketer's worst nightmare.”
   The THR article mentions “trolls” who are anonymous persons online intent on sowing discord and slanting perceptions, either individually or as part of an organized group. The article also says that one possible response is for film distributor to mount counter-efforts with users posting high ratings to offset the trolls.
   Open Road Films will premiere The Promise on Apr 21 and the WWI-historical drama is rated PG-13.
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