'NY Post' Claims Most Oscar Spending Ever

By Robert Marich
   Feb. 17, 2019—A New York Post article suggests film companies are spending more on Oscar awards campaigns than associated movies cost to film.
   The article by Merle Ginsberg suggests Oscar campaigns run $20-30 million each supporting Roma (Netflix) Green Book (Universal) and A Star Is Born (Warners) that are frontrunners for best picture. Netflix

Oscar wins lift film values in downstream TV and home entertainment

spent $15 million making Roma—the affectionate tribute by the film’s director to his nanny against the social upheaval backdrop of 1970s Mexico City.
   “Campaigners typically get hired to start hawking prestige films right after the Sundance or Cannes film festivals, when studios and distributors show off their prestige wares and buzz begins to build. By September, the events schedule is dizzying” with ad campaigns, mailings of merchandise to voters, special screenings, parties and plenty of talent personally meeting voters. “
   New York-based publicist Peggy Siegel wrote in a 2016 Huffington Post article: “I taught Leo [Di Caprio] the vote-getting handshake. I grabbed his hand and elbow, looked deep into his eyes and whispered, ‘Thank you for seeing my film,’ squeezing his hand and elbow simultaneously. It’s the double squeeze that sends chills.”
   The New York Post says that grip and squeeze paid off that year, when Di Caprio won Best Actor for The Revenant.
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