New Projection Technology Propels Cinema

By Robert Marich
   April 6, 2019-Movie theaters are getting a slew of technological advances in projection to "wow" audiences.
   The MX4D full motion cinema chairs spray water, drop snow from the ceiling and move seated moviegoers around as if they were in the film. Other
MX4D publicity-movie theaters awash in sensory stimulations

tech innovatons are big-screen THX Ultimate Cinema, panoramic 270-degree cinematic format 4DPLEX, 4DPLEX with Screen X panoramic, and 120 frames per second projection (versus film’s normal 24 FPS). All these are work best in the cinema environment—and are not adaptable to home (at least not yet).
   On top of the cinema-projection revolution, dine-in theaters are proliferating that offer full meals in specially-designed theater auditoriums and also midweek special cinema content are chalking up impressive box-office. For example, World War I documentary They Shall Not Grow Old rolled up an impressive $11 million with a handful of one-day runs in off-peak periods and K-pop concert-on-screen BTS World Tour Love Yourself in Seoul was a global hit.
   The projections enhancements and other cinema-boosting initiatives were on display at cinema’s big annual convention—CinemaCon in Las Vegas that just ended. The industry is heartened by booming domestic box-office that last year climbed 7.4%; though year-to-day this year is off around 16% but industry expects a decent year based on upcoming films.
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