New 'Potter' Sports 'Twilight' Cues

By Robert Marich
   July 10, 2009 – The sixth Harry Potter movie has a more grown-up attitude and romance instead of the puppy love of its predecessors, which moves it closer to the Twilight mold that is sweeping Hollywood marketing. A Wall Street Journal article quotes Potter executives saying they march to their own drumbeat and any similarities to Twilight – the supernatural romance novel that spawned a $191.4 million domestic grossing movie last year – are coincidental.
   “Hollywood marketing executives say that these days the Twilight franchise has influenced almost every studio marketing campaign that targets teenage girls,” notes the WSJ article by Lauren A. E. Schuker.
   “Some posters for the upcoming Potter film echo Twilight’s emphasis on romance,” says the article. “One features Harry and his crush, Ginny, gazing longingly into each others’ eyes, in a pose reminiscent of Twilight’s now-iconic image of its star-crossed lovers, Bella and Edward. Another shows Harry’s friend Ron with his girlfriend Lavender, while a jealous Hermione scowls in the background. “
   Warner adds that since the children actors in the Potter movie series have matured – the first Potter film came out in 2001 – it’s a natural evolution for the movies to become more grown up.
   Warner Bros. releases Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince July 15. The prior Potter film grossed $292 million domestically.
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