New Magazine Bucks Decline of Star-power

   Sept. 8, 2016-The power of celebrity has been in noticeable decline for movies since 2009, so its noteworthy that a new print magazine launches. Meredith Corp., the media conglomerate that publishes Family Circle, and Better Homes and Garden, created monthly print magazine Celebrity Page.
    “The magazine’s debut issue went on sale last week in Barnes & Noble stores nationally with a rate base of 100,000,” says a Keith
One of Hollywood's biggest stars pitches stinky water these days

Kelly media columnist item in the New York Post newspaper. “The publishers hope the new title will carve a niche by focusing on the good-news side of celebrities in style, fashion and entertainment rather than marital woe, false pregnancy stories or legal problems.”
   The voltage of star power is a mixed bag today. Reality TV and YouTube celebrities ride high, but movie stars—which used to rule the roost—seem less revered. Since 2009 its noticeable that star-vehicle movies increasingly misfire at the boxoffice, whereas before they seen as safe bets by movie companies. Stars of the silver screen increasingly become pitchman for products and services—Oscar darling Matthew McConaughey for Lincoln motor cars and Wild Turkey liquor, and comedian Kevin Hart for Tommy John underwear—which I think knocks them off any pedestal.
   “From the 1960s through the 1990s, Hollywood performers tended not to endorse products in the domestic market, feeling such associations diluted their star power and reputation as creative artists,” says the third edition of book Marketing To Moviegoers. “In recent years, movie actors have overcome the taboo after finding cinema audiences don’t seem to mind, and the endorsement money is welcome.”
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