Nat'l Amusements Installs Sensory Cinema Seats

   Aug. 7, 2015-Cinema circuit National Amusements is installing motion/sensory seats one auditorium at a refurbished 20-screen megaplex in Norwood, Mass.
   The Showcase Cinema de Lux Revere megaplex has what the circuit calls its MX4D® Motion EFX Theatre that provides sensory experiences to seated patrons.
   “Unique features of MX4D® cinema technology include ‘pitch, roll and heave’ motion seats, air and water blasts, leg ticklers, fog, scents,
National Amusements is installing cinema seats providing sensory experiences; here's a vintage 3D audience

and other special effects that emanate from the patrons’ seats or from inside the theatre itself,” says a press release. “The nuanced effects are artfully designed to enhance the on-screen action and sound. Patrons may feel their seats move during a car chase; a small spray of water during a swimming scene; a balmy wind during a romantic interlude. All these effects work together to transport the patron more deeply into the motion picture.”
   There was no immediate word on ticket prices and any plans to offer in other theaters.
   The development harkens back to past attempts to integrate sensory experiences in cinemas such as 3-D, big screen and the short-lived Smell-O-Vision.
   For National Amusements, the immersive theater experience is from equipment supplier MediaMation. “Besides its MX4D® Motion EFX technology and seats, MMI designs and implements creative solutions for complex shows, rides exhibits, fountain shows, etc. for theme parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, cinemas and FECs,” says the press release.
   The National Amusement circuit, which is based in the Boston area, has 950 screens in the United States (mostly clustered in the Northeast), United Kingdom and Latin America. The circuit is owned by the family of Sumner Redstone, who is chairman and controlling shareholder of Viacom—which owns Paramount Pictures.
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