Movies Get Six Pricey Super Bowl Spots

Feb 9 update: adds link to story that Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2 is most talked-about film commercial
Feb 7 update on the event's ratings & rankings of movie ads
   Feb. 5, 2017-There weren’t many pre-game reveals for movie commercials in the pricey Super Bowl telecast. But come game time, movies advertisements were in force for the $5 million per 30-second spots.  I saw six film commercials in-game, which matches the six last year, by my count.
   The list below presents movie titles, distributors and the dates for cinema premieres:
  • Baywatch - Paramount - May 26
  • A Cure For Wellness - Fox - Feb 17
  • The Fate of the Furious – Universal – April 14
  • Logan (X-Men) – Fox – March 3 (also got a billboard mention)
  • Transformers: The Last Knight – Paramount – June 23
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Disney – May 26
   In addition to the aforementioned in-game, I saw four spots on the shoulder of the game –before and after. Shortly after the game ended,

This X-Men spinoff that's a Fox film gets a $5m commerical in the Super Bowl

20th Century Fox had a Logan commercial (the same as in-game).
In the pre-game, these three commercials were telecast (so these are out-of-game):
  • Ghost in the Shell – Paramount – March 31
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Disney – May 5
  • Life – Sony Pictures – March 24
   This year's crop of movie ads ranked higher than normal on USA Today's AdMeter tabulating viewers favorites. Out of 66 Super Bowl TV commercials, Baywatch ranked #34, Pirates #35, Logan #41, Fate of Furious #48, Transfromers #58 and Wellness #60. So many are middle-of-the-pack. Most years, movie ads land in the bottom 15 because they simply stitch together clips from films, while other commercials are big-budget extravaganzas.
   This year, other entertainment advertisers included video streamers Hulu and Netflix for TV series, broadcast/cable outlets for TV series, and also quite a few video games. Also, Hollywood talent served as presenters in consumer products commercials such as Melissa McCarthy, Justin Timberlake,  Arnold Schwarzenegger,
   Fox Broadcasting telecast the pro football championship was tuned in by 113.4 million persons on conventional TV in the U.S.—or about a third of the total population for what is, by far, TV’s biggest audience. News reports later noted viewership is down millions from past Super Bowl games, but this year  1.72 million watched the game on video streaming and another 650,000 on Spanish-language TV.
   Typically, there are four to 10 movie commercials in a Super Bowl. That’s for 30-second spots, though on occasion there have been longer film ads, such as Disney buying a 60-second spot in 2008 for romantic comedy The Proposal.
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