Movie Soundtracks Get Awards at Euro Fest

   Sept. 12, 2015—A European film festival gives awards for best movie soundtrack—the collection of songs from a movie that are sold as music albums and are significant licensed merchandise products.
   The 15th annual World Soundtrack Awards are scheduled to be presented Oct. 24 as part of the Gent Film Festival in Belgium and are
Soundtrack Awards' official poster presents Back to the Future (pictured) because its composer Alan Silvestri is honored

another award to be used in movie marketing. “The World Soundtrack Academy aims at supporting film music, sound design, composers, and their worldwide promotion,” says a press release.
   Past winners are a mix of major-studio films and indie releases, such as 20th Century Fox’s Life of Pi and Warner Bros.’s Inception, as well as indie films Frida from Miramax and The Constant Gardener from Focus Features.
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