Movie Hearthrob Dodges Romance Queries

By Robert Marich
   Aug. 14, 2012-Twilight star Robert Pattinson is promoting a new movie but doesn’t want to answer questions about the breakup of his romance with co-star Kristen Stewart, so journalists had to agree not to broach the topic as a condition for an interview. The two actors were living together when Stewart was caught having an affair with a married film director, prompting a scandal and a split from Pattinson.
  “The sore subject of Stewart’s cheating wasn’t addressed by the handful of local TV reporters there,” says a New York Post story by Tara Palmaeri and Don Kaplan. “They had been pre-screened by his handlers and were under strict orders not to ask about it.”
   Pattinson has been ducking press in the wake of his split with Stewart, but is out in public again to generate publicity for the Friday release of Cosmoplis, which is an R-rated drama from David Cronenberg that is distributed by Entertainment One. In the New York Post article, Pattinson frets that he doesn’t have a personal publicist, so the public side of his romantic travail wasn’t handled well.
   Interestingly, the sentence stating that journalists weren’t allowed to ask about Pattinson’s breakup with Stewart was cited in print editions of the New York Post, but was cut in the same story online.
   News coverage of Pattinson and Cosmopolis referenced the Stewart split, though in contradictory reports. Some reports stated that Stewart supports her ex’s movie while others suggest a feud. Though Pattinson evaded uncomfortable questions, which is a plus for him, his movie Cosmopolis lost some publicity heat in the press reports wrangling over the star’s personal life.

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