Movie Chain Adopts Netflix-like Strategy

   July 15, 2019-Leading movie circuit AMC Theatres has grown its subscription ticket service AMC Stubs A-List to 800,000 on its just-passed first anniversary, by ripping a page out of the Netflix playbook.
   A New York Post article by Nicolas Vega notes the $20/month Stubs A-List is similar to online streamers by allowing multiple movie
multiple movie views—up to three films per week including the premium IMAX and 3D formats. The economic model of monthly subscription—flat rate per month—wins over charging for each transaction.
   Other big chains Regal and Cinemark have loyalty programs, though less generous and not quite aligned with the Netflix method. “Reports indicate that Regal may unveil an A-List competitor as soon as the end of this month,” says the NY Post article.
   “Barrington Research Associates analyst James Goss notes that on top of selling more concessions, A-List is helping AMC gather data on its customers — something that will help it improve auditorium management and determine what movies to screen to fill more seats,” says the article.
   MoviePass—which offered unlimited cinema admissions across many movie chains—is in limbo after economic travails from its generous $10/month program. MoviePass grew to 3 million subs at its peak. The low price proved economically unsustainable.
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