Movie Ads Embrace Racy 'Skins'

Updated Jan. 26 with Wall Street Journal info about plunging ratings inserted at bottom of text below..  
   Jan 25, 2011- MTV cable network series Skins is too sexually suggestive for a half dozen mainstream advertisers, but Hollywood film distributors are buying, according to an Advertising Age article. Skins is a new series about hyperactive teens.
   “So whose ads aired during Monday’s second episode? Lots and lots of movie studios, for starters,” says an Advertising Age article by Andrew Hampp.
   The article notes that “Sony’s Adam Sandler comedy Just Go With It was well-represented with multiple spots, as was the studio's Screen Gems thriller The Roommate; other advertisers included Warner Bros.’ The Rite and Unknown; DreamWorks and Disney's I Am Number Four; Millennium Films’ The Mechanic; and Universal's Sanctum 3-D.”  There’s also an ad for video game Dead Space 2, which is rated M for mature from Electronic Arts.
   What’s happening here?
   Short lived “products” like movies can’t easily be targeted for boycotts, since they are in and out of theaters in just weeks. And it’s hard to galvanize consumers to pressure studios that distribute movies.
   On the other hand, the advertisers that fled -- General Motors, Subway, Schick, Wrigley and H&R Block – are more easily targeted. Also, they have long-term brand images to maintain.

   The Wall Street Journal noted Jan 26: “The second episode of Skins—which chronicles the fictional lives of a group of teenagers as they delve into sex, drinking and drugs—drew 1.6 million viewers, according to Nielsen Co. That was down 51% from last week, when 3.3 million people tuned in to the premiere.”

   The article continues: “The Parents Television Council said it plans to target (Skins advertisers) Red Bull and Zeno to try to persuade them to pull their advertising from the show” though not movie studios whose ads dominated the commercial slots. 

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