Movie Ads At Low-end of Super Bowl Norm

By Robert Marich
   Feb 4, 2013—Theatrical film distributors placed four ads in yesterday’s Super Bowl, which is on the low end of normal Hollywood buys in TV’s most watched event. CBS Television reportedly charged $3 million for 30-second slots.
  Here are the in-game film commercials, according to USA Today: Walt Disney Studios for Iron Man 3 and also Oz, Paramount Pictures for the next Star Trek movie and Universal Pictures for Fast and Furious 6. All were standard 30-second commercials, except Fast and Furious, for which Universal sprang for a 60-second advertisement, so actually movies occupied five 30-second units. In addition, Paramount got a “billboard” reference with the CBS Television announcing saying a portion of the telecast is sponsored by Star Trek Into Darkness.
   To put 2013 in context, its five 30-second units compare to seven 30-second units in 2012, but in 2007 Hollywood bought just four 30-second units.
   This year (2013), in CBS Television’s lead-in to the game, I saw a commercial for Paramount’s World War Z and Disney’s The Lone Ranger; I’m assuming those were national ads.
  In the game this year, I also saw Hollywood talent presenting for other advertisers. Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson appeared in a milk commercial, and Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd were in a Samsung ad.
  Movie commercials ranked in the middle of USA Today’s Ad Meter list of arresting commercials for 2013, which is pretty good because those ads simply serve up clips. Other product categories make elaborate ads for the Super Bowl.
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