Mercedes Drives Palm Springs Fest Sponsorship

By Robert Marich
   Jan. 5, 2013-Mercedes Benz is embracing movie glitz and star talent in a sponsorship of the gala awards ceremony of the 24th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival. The German car maker is connected to a rare film festival that is part of the Oscar awards season calendar because of its early January date (most other fests are outside awards season).
   Mercedes also trots out celebrity involvement with its cars, for another rub off of glitz. “Mercedes-Benz vehicles are already a choice for many of Hollywood’s top talent,” gushes a Mercedes press release. “Actors and actresses such as Kevin Costner, Sofia Vegara, Courtney Cox, Julianne Moore, Natalie Portman and Bryan Cranston drive Mercedes-Benz luxury eco-friendly vehicles, which offer safety, technology and style without compromising luxury.”
   French jeweler and watchmaker Cartier is the main presented for the gala and for nine years Mercedes has been a short of co-sponsor.
   A Mercedes press release quotes Jill Martinette, regional marketing manager for Mercedes-Benz praising the fest and the cars, which will bring VIPs to red carpet openings. (story continues after graphic)
   Automobiles are a leading category for film fests everywhere for being big-money sponsors and also for product placements with Hollywood films (Mercedes tied into the theatrical Sex and the City). Of all the automakers, Audi is the most active, as part of its long-term effort to raise itself to BMW and Mercedes heights.
   The car category is usually considered stable for sponsorship, though the bankruptcy of General Motors caused its Cadillac division to withdraw from a long-term sponsorship of the Audience Award at the Tribeca fest in 2009 and another sponsorship of the Toronto film festival.
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