Memorable Queen Music, Star Drive 'Rhapsody' Marketing

Dec. 2, 2018—20th Century Fox made Bohemian Rhapsody into a $500 million worldwide box office hit with promotions using memorable music from Queen and publicity from hard-working star Rami Malak, who portrays the late rock star Freddie Mercury.
  The movie about British music group Queen employed videos made by fans for movie-related contests incorporating the

band’s distinctive operatic rock songs ( and polished, clever video shorts by corporate partners such as movie theaters.
   “The actor who portrays Mercury was tireless in promoting the film,” adds a Hollywood story by Nancy Tartaglione. The article says that “kudos are due to Fox marketing which, from the onset, when they dropped Bohemian Rhapsody footage at [theater operation convention] CinemaCon last spring, drove their whole campaign by putting Malek out front and center, describing his emotional metamorphosis to embody Mercury. The story won exhibitors over and Queen fans as well.”
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