Live-action 'Beauty & Beast' Eyes $120m Debut

By Robert Marich
   Feb 25, 2016-Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is projected to rake in a massive $120 million box office in its domestic premiere weekend March 17-19. That’s the estimate from audience tracking services, which just began sizing up the Emma Watson (Harry Potter movies)-fronted family film, according to a Hollywood Reporter story by Pamela McClintock.
   “Tracking surveys, the weekly surveys quantifying consumer awareness of films, are perhaps the most ubiquitous single strand of
Disney's Beauty and the Beast is projected for a $120m for opening weekend; most weeks that's what all films gross in aggregate

research in Hollywood,” says the third edition of book Marketing To Moviegoers. “Several movie-research outfits conduct tracking surveys, so different sets of data are always floating around Hollywood. A given film appears in tracking surveys about six weeks before theatrical release when the movie’s trailers enter theaters, and its commercials appear on television. At this point, the film is locked into a premiere date that can’t be changed.” In other words, tracking surveys start registering films six weeks out when their advertising and marketing starts to weigh heavily on consumers.
   Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is already audience-rated PG-Parental Guidance and a big-budget production.
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